June 2013 runs?

June 2013 runs?

June 2013 runs? One thing is currently becoming obvious: the club is located between tree and bark, both sporty and structural. Overath’s former visions of participating in international business cannot be realized at the moment. The performance curve of the Cologne professionals is questionable. Of the last six Bundesliga games they won only one (1-0 in Kaiserslautern), drew (1-1 against Mainz), but lost four, most recently on Sunday after a weak performance 0-1 against Hamburger SV. The appearance at the club is trend-setting: the distance to the first direct relegation place is only six points. Source: ntv.de, Dietmar Fuchs, dpa „The situation at Bundesliga soccer club 1. FC Köln has changed after the victory at feared opponent 1 FC Kaiserslautern probably only relaxed for a short time.

Another quarrel between coach Stale Solbakken and sports director Volker Finke seems programmed. If Volker Finke finds out about Stale Solbakken’s good mood after the victory at 1. FC Kaiserslautern, it could soon cause a bad mood at 1. FC Köln. Following the first success against the great feared opponent for over 22 years, a comment by the excited coach revealed his tense relationship with the sports director. In his next life he should „maybe become sports director“, the Norwegian shouted loudly through the corridors of the Fritz Walter Stadium after the 1-0 (0-0) on the 20th matchday of the Bundesliga. A less convenient time for his flippant Solbakken could hardly have chosen comment.

Because at the same time Finke tried in the television interview with the pay station Sky to the best of his ability to downplay the discussion about his stressed relationship with the Norwegian. „I think that Stale felt my warmth after the game,“ said Finke: „The relationship between us is absolutely professional. The fact that we sometimes disagree when it comes to evaluations of personal matters doesn’t change that.“ By personal matters, the managing director meant the controversial commitment of the North Korean Chong Tese, which had caused a stir before the game in the Palatinate. Since Solbakken had given the impression with his statements of the past few days that Tese was brought against his will, Finke gave his view of things on record. „The statement that the coach did not want the player Tese is a false statement.

He watched the clips and I only informed the player after he gave his consent that the coach agreed, „said the 63-year-old:“ There’s a lot in between the dream players and disagreeing. The coach agreed, but we can ignore that it was not his preferred option. „Solbakken had backed this up shortly before. Tese sat on the bench for 90 minutes despite the injury-related loss of star striker Lukas Podolski.

Instead of the newcomer, the coach brought Albanian Odise Roshi, who decided the game in front of 38,043 spectators against the Red Devils, who had been decimated after 40 minutes, 99 seconds after his substitution with his first Bundesliga goal (72) the Cologne improved to ninth place in the table.https://123helpme.me/biology-essay-writing-service/ But although the Rhinelander were able to win against FCK for the first time since December 16, 1989 after 25 unsuccessful attempts, the situation for Solbakken will only be a little more pleasant until the next bankruptcy. The coach knows that himself after about six months in Cologne: „I already had a final in the first leg.

And that was definitely not my last final. „The Palatinate, who are still on the relegation place after the tenth game in a row without a win, have almost only finals in front of their chests. The decisive factor for the bankruptcy was the failed debut of the two million euros Expensive new signing Ariel Borysiuk. The Pole saw the yellow-red card five minutes before the break after repeated fouls. Referee Wolfgang Stark’s dismissal was a tough, but justifiable decision the expensive path of the chronically clammy four-time champions to the second division. „A descent would set us back by at least two years,“ said club boss Stefan Kuntz: „It would not be all hopeless, but for recovery and how important the next steps are more years of Bundesliga the basis. „Source: ntv.de, Alexander Sarter, sid“ Activists of the European anti-racist movement (Egam) visit the former concentration camp in Lety. (Photo: REUTERS) A pig farm was built in the 1970s where hundreds of Sinti and Roma lost their lives during National Socialism – now the facility is to be closed. The Czech government is paying a lot for that.

In future, the place will serve as a memorial. The Czech Republic has bought a controversial pig fattening operation on the site of a former Nazi concentration camp. In order to close the fattening farm in Lety, the government paid 450 million Czech crowns – the equivalent of 18 million euros – to the Agpi agricultural group. In addition, the Czech Republic plans to provide a further 120 million crowns for the cleaning of the area where hundreds of Roma died in World War II. The pig fattening operation was built in the 1970s on the former concentration camp site. (Photo: AP) „After a good 20 years we have finally managed to get rid of this harmful legacy of the past, „said Minister of Culture Daniel Herman.

The purchase agreement only needs to be approved by Agpi’s general meeting, which is scheduled for December 4th. Jana Horvathova, director of the Museum of Roma Culture in Brno, is one of the signatories of the contract. Their facility is to bring the site back into shape as soon as the fattening operation has been completely dismantled. The move was welcomed by the European anti-racist movement (Egam), which spoke of a „historic day for the Roma“. „The challenge now is to transform the site from a dishonorable place into a place of dignity,“ said Egam chairman Benjamin Abtan. Czech and foreign human rights activists had been calling for the Agpi pig farm to be closed for years. In August, the group announced that it had accepted an offer from the government. The pig fattening operation was established during communism in the 1970s on the site of the former Lety concentration camp south of the capital Prague.

Between August 1942 and May 1943 about 1,300 Roma and Sinti were interned in the Nazi camp. Most of them were then deported to the Nazi extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau and murdered there. Almost 330 Roma – including over 240 children – have already died in Lety. Many of them got typhoid. Overall, around 90 percent of the Czech Roma were killed under the National Socialists. Source: ntv.de, jug / AFP „The Paris suburb of Bobigny is considered a social hotspot with a migrant share of almost 50 percent. (Photo: picture alliance / Peter Zschunk) Defamatory Facebook -Posts upset people in the Paris suburb of Bobigny so much that they band together and attack a Roma camp.

Cars are on fire, there are injuries and arrests. The French government condemns the attacks, and following attacks on Roma in the Paris suburbs, France’s government spokesman strongly condemned the violence. The incidents are unacceptable and disgusting, said Benjamin Griveaux after the cabinet meeting in Paris. After these attacks, the fight against fake news is important, because rumors in social networks had triggered the attacks. The Roma community was accused of kidnapping children in delivery trucks in connection with organ trafficking and prostitution.

As a result, attacks on Roma occurred on Monday evening, especially in the suburbs in the Seine-Saint-Denis department in the north-east of the French capital. „For a few days, rumors of child abductions have been circulating on social networks. There have been no kidnappings or attempted kidnappings of children in the department,“ wrote the prefecture on Twitter. How the rumors came about is so far unclear. According to the Bobigny public prosecutor’s office, 19 people were in police custody on Tuesday evening, among other things for deliberate acts of violence. „The spread of false information has led to a number of acts of violence and retaliation by members of the Roma community in recent days,“ a statement said. Kidnappings or attempts to do so have not been reported to the police, but reports of suspicious incidents are being checked. According to the broadcaster France Info, dozens of people armed with knives and sticks gathered in front of Roma accommodations on Monday evening in several suburbs.

They had been incited by a large number of posts sent mainly via Facebook. Cars burned and fights broke out. As early as March 16, adolescents are said to have attacked a delivery truck, the two occupants escaped slightly injured, the broadcaster reported. Source: ntv.de, mau / dpa „Leverkusen’s Stefan Kießling (on the ball) in a duel with Per Nilsson. (Photo: AP) The first goal is scored after five minutes, and after less than a quarter of an hour it’s already 3. Bayer Leverkusen and FC Copenhagen play happily in qualifying for the Champions League.

The Werkself did not make a strong impression, however: Bayer Leverkusen have put themselves in a very good position to return to the group stage of the Champions League despite a sometimes questionable defense. The Bundesliga team prevailed 3-2 (3-2) in the playoff first leg at FC Copenhagen. After an early lead by striker Stefan Kießling in the fifth minute, Mathias Jörgensen (9th) and Daniel Amartay (13th) turned Within four minutes the game was played in front of around 18,221 spectators in the Telia Parken Stadium. Before the end of the lively first half, Karim Bellarabi (31st) and Heung-Min Son (42nd) provided the other goals for coach Roger Schmidt’s Bayer team, who are now with great confidence in the return leg on Wednesday next week in front of their home crowd can compete.

Before that, the Bundesliga opener at runner-up Borussia Dortmund is on the program this Saturday, in Denmark’s capital the Bayer-Elf could not have got off to a better start against the team of former Bundesliga coach Stale Solbakken. Kießling continued what he stopped in the first round of the DFB Cup with his five goals in a 6-0 win against Alemannia Waldalgesheim. After a back pass from the sideline by 14.5 million euro newcomer Hakan Calhanoglu, he pushed the ball into the far corner. The early lead gave the Bundesliga fourth of last season against the current third from bottom of the Danish league a victory from five games – but not. On the contrary: After two set pieces and just eight minutes after the 1-0 win, the guests were suddenly 1: 2 behind.

The advancing defender Jörgensen scored after a corner with a header to equalize, Amartey in the same way after a free-kick cross. The Bayer defense, to which Ömer Toprak and Sebastian Boenisch had returned compared to the cup game, did not leave a certain impression . But the offensive could be relied on, even if the two back four of the Danes did not make it easy for the Schmidt protégés. Most of the action took place in midfield, after a long pass from Toprak into the striker, the ball bounced off the back of the former Nuremberg professionals Per Nilsson at Bellarami’s feet. And he did not take long and met to compensate. Now finally more calm in the back team?

Far from it, Emir Spahic escaped an own goal by a hair’s breadth in a defensive attempt (37th) before Son scored Leverkusen’s third goal before the break with a counterattack. „A very intense game,“ said Bayer’s team manager Hans-Peter Lehnhoff at Sky. After the break, Son (56th / 63rd) and Calhanoglu (56th) in particular caused danger. On the other hand, long balls on the defensive threatened the Bayer team with slight trouble. The longer the game lasted, the less the Danish runner-up could set accents.

Only the Leverkusenern lacked the final concentration in some scenes on the offensive to push the result even higher. Source: ntv.de, mli / dpa „News and information at a glance. Collection of articles from n-tv.de for Topic Stale Solbakken 1. FC Köln and 1. FC Kaiserslautern are still waiting for their first victory in the 49th Bundesliga season, when both clubs miss a break in the basement and have to be modest with one point.

For Cologne coach Stale Solbakken it is the first point in the Bundesliga. His team remains last. 1. FC Köln can actually look forward to the new season. The top performers remain, with Stale Solbakken a successful trainer arrives. Now the Norwegian fan and media darling Lukas Podolski is taking off the captain’s armband.

This puts his employer under pressure – and at the same time makes him future-proof. A comment by Roland Peters. a comment by Roland Peters With Stale Solbakken, a young successful coach from Norway, 1. FC Cologne will start the upcoming Bundesliga season. The Norwegian federation is releasing Solbakken from his contract and moving to Cologne. 1. FC Köln and 1. FC Kaiserslautern are waiting in the 49.

Bundesliga season continues on their first win. In the basement duel, both clubs miss a break and have to make do with one point. For Cologne coach Stale Solbakken it is the first point in the Bundesliga. His team remains last.

1. FC Köln can actually look forward to the new season. The top performers remain, with Stale Solbakken a successful trainer arrives. Now the Norwegian fan and media darling Lukas Podolski is taking off the captain’s armband. In doing so, he puts his employer under pressure – and at the same time makes him fit for the future. A comment by Roland Peters. a comment by Roland Peters With Stale Solbakken, a young successful coach from Norway, 1. FC Cologne will start the upcoming Bundesliga season.

The Norwegian federation announced that Solbakken, who was actually supposed to be the new national coach, was released from his contract and moved to Cologne. „“ Again and again there is resentment about immigration from Southeastern Europe, about poverty crime or social benefits applied for.