E-trucks as competition to Tesl

E-trucks as competition to Tesl

Starting next summer, Tesla intends to manufacture electric cars in Grünheide in the Oder-Spree district. Around 500,000 electric cars are expected to roll off the assembly line every year. Sources used: news agencies AFP and dpa

After a suspected wolf attack on a person, a DNA test has not brought any clarity. Now the authorities want to equip the pack with transmitters.

Encounter with a wolf: how to behave properly
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About a week after an alleged wolf bite in Lower Saxony, a DNA examination did not clear up the incident. The seven samples of animal hair and saliva that were found on site and on the injured person’s sweater had no evidence of a wolf, said a spokeswoman for the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment.

Doctor confirmed animal bite

No traces of a wolf or dog could be found on the hammer, which the attacked community worker had used as a defense. The hair seized on site can be attributed to deer, cat hair and saliva from dogs and cats were found on the sweater. The man had initially treated the wound himself after the bite and only went to the doctor a day later. However, he had confirmed the injury as an animal bite.

"We had hoped for clarity as to whether a dog or a wolf was responsible in order to be able to act more purposefully"said Environment Minister Olaf Lies. He wanted a different result. He takes the statements of the person concerned very seriously. If wolf tracks had been found, a killing would have been inevitable, explained Lies. Now the wolf pack in the community on the moor is to be equipped with transmitters to find out whether the predators are approaching people. The wolves – probably two parents and seven cubs – have to be caught with traps.

Förster: Pack so far inconspicuous

In an interview with t-online.de, the district forester stated that the herd had so far behaved absolutely inconspicuously and had not sought the vicinity of people or settlements – but he was also not aware of any problems with stray dogs. The ministry wants to investigate further whether a dog running free could also be responsible for the attack.

The alleged wolf attack in Bülstedt in the Rotenburg district caused a stir, as it would be the first attack by a wolf on a person in Germany since the animals returned. The political discussion about the possible shooting down of the animal or even the entire pack began immediately. According to an exclusive survey commissioned by t-online.de, one in four Germans is currently afraid of wolf attacks in the countryside.

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In the incident last Tuesday, a wolf is said to have snatched the hand of a 55-year-old community worker who was working on the fence of a green area. According to the man, another three wolves in a pack had observed the process. After the incident at the cemetery in the Steinfeld district of Bülstedt, a small village about 35 kilometers northwest of Bremen, two employees from the Wolf Office were immediately sent to the site to investigate. 

Sources used: own research with material from the news agencies AFP, dpa

E-car pioneer Elon Musk is currently on tour in Germany: Now he has also met VW boss Herbert Diess in Lower Saxony. Rumors of a collaboration between the car manufacturers emerged. But now there is a rejection.

After his meeting with Tesla boss Elon Musk, including a short car test at Braunschweig Airport, VW boss Herbert Diess made it clear that the two companies are not planning any joint projects. Corresponding speculations had recently made the rounds. 

Both managers have got along well for a long time, and at the end of his visit to Germany last week, Musk had tried out the new ID.3 electric car from Volkswagen. "We only drove with the ID.3 and talked", Diess wrote on the online network LinkedIn. "No deal / no collaboration is in the making."

Musk had made a surprising flying visit to Lower Saxony on Thursday evening. The meeting with Diess, which was initially kept secret, took place at the Braunschweig-Waggum regional airport near the VW headquarters in Wolfsburg, which the car company also uses for its aircraft fleet.

Elon Musk praises VW car

After the Tesla boss’s private jet landed there, he and Diess did a lap in an ID.3. When driving across the wet apron and the runway, Musk was satisfied with the steering, according to the video recording: "For the fact that it’s not a sports car, it’s pretty good." 

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He also tested the acceleration and asked about the battery type and the Lane Keeping Assist.how to write an argumentative essay In contrast to Tesla, Volkswagen has so far been primarily dependent on the supply of external battery cells from Asia, but is currently also setting up its own production.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The electric cars from Tesla can, among other things, drive independently at high speed on the motorway. A 20-year-old Canadian is said to have used this function for a nap behind the wheel. The police stopped him.

The 20-year-old’s electric car was apparently in the driver assistance program at more than 140 kilometers per hour, the police said on Thursday. The seats of both the driver and the passenger were completely reclined and both occupants appeared to be asleep. When the patrol switched on the blue lights, the car automatically accelerated to 150 km / h. 110 kilometers per hour were allowed at the point.

Was a traffic cop "speechless"

He has never seen anything like it in his life, the official Darrin Turnbull described the incident on the state broadcaster CBC. "I’ve been with the police for 23 years, most of them with the traffic police, but I’m speechless. Nobody looked out the windshield to see where the car was going." That as "Autopilot" well-known system is an advanced driver assistance program, but you have to control the car yourself. However, contrary to the manufacturer’s recommendations, cars could subsequently be manipulated in order to change or bypass security systems.

Driver has to answer in court

After the car was finally stopped, the police reported the 20-year-old for driving too fast and withdrew his driver’s license for 24 hours because of fatigue. After an investigation, he was later charged with dangerous driving. He has to appear in court in December. The incident occurred near Ponoka, Alberta, in early July, but has only just been made public. A caller had alerted the police at the time.

A similar case is said to have occurred in the United States in the state of Massachusetts just last week. A driver noticed a Tesla whose driver and front passenger were apparently asleep – even though the electric car was moving at high speed. The driver filmed the process and posted it on Twitter:

(function () {var socialEmbed = document.querySelector (‚[data-embed-hash ="1468055796"] ‚); consentEmbedHandler.add (socialEmbed, "

Some guy literally asleep at the wheel on the Mass Pike (great place for it) .Teslas are sick, I guess? pic.twitter.com/ARSpj1rbVn

– Dakota Randall (@DakRandall) September 8, 2019" , ‚Twitter‘); }) ();

The video is not a dangerous joke as which Tesla likes to dismiss such videos, the user tweeted. He could not judge whether the inmates had only faked sleep, but it looked real to him.

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Tesla boss Elon Musk spoke out clearly about criticism of the driver assistance program in August "Autopilot" voiced. The term was by no means misleading, he told the journal at the time "Automobile News". The excitement about it was "idiotic". After several fatal accidents, Tesla was accused of using the name to suggest that it was a technology for autonomous driving and not just an assistance program.

Sources used: dpaTwitter news agency

The great euphoria is followed by unexpected disillusionment: The Tesla rival Nikola is now receiving no support from the car manufacturer GM. Nikola shares are falling rapidly.

The largest US automaker General Motors (GM) is backing down on its strategic partnership with Tesla rival Nikola. An initially planned equity stake in the electric car start-up should not exist for the time being, as Nikola admitted on Monday.

Current price: Where is the Nikola share currently?

Plans for a shared electric pick-up called Badger were also rejected. Nikola came under heavy pressure in the fall after allegations of fraud for allegedly misleading investors, boss and founder Tevor Milton resigned.

Since then, it has been unclear how GM will react to the allegations and whether the US industry giant would continue to stand by the partner. Now a far-reaching alliance from September has been turned back – it remains only a non-binding declaration of intent, according to which GM is to provide its Hydrotec fuel cell system for Nikolas planned truck production.

Speculators last bet against Nikola shares

This caused great disillusionment on the stock market. Nikolas shares fell over 20 percent in early New York trading. Actually, GM wanted to take an eleven percent stake in Nikola.

An attack by the short seller Hindenburg Research abruptly stopped the Tesla competitor from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, about two months ago. Hindenburg accused Nikola founder Milton of a number of impostures and came to the conclusion that his company was ultimately one "complex fraud" act.

Hindenburg bets against Nikola as a financial speculator and profits from it if the company’s shares fall. But Milton could not refute some allegations and had to admit to have bluffed at a product presentation.

Electric trucks as competition to Tesla

Nikola competes with Tesla, among other things, in the development of electric pick-up trucks and trucks. The company has been shaking up the stock market since the middle of the year and caused great euphoria there with ambitious growth plans.

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In the meantime, investors rated Nikola even higher than the US auto giant Ford, although the company has not yet offered a single marketable product. The fraud allegations have dropped stocks sharply, but Nikola was still valued at $ 8.8 billion at the end of the day.

Sources used: dpa-AFX news agency

New York (AP) – The electric car manufacturer Tesla wants to enforce an exemption from US punitive tariffs on imports from China through legal action.

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The group of star entrepreneur Elon Musk is defending itself against the US Court for International Trade in New York "unlawful imposition" of duties on goods imported from China.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday, and the financial news service Bloomberg reported it for the first time on Wednesday (local time). The defendants in the case include the US government, its trade representative Robert Lighthizer and the head of the customs and border authorities, Mark Morgan, according to the complaint.

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Tesla not only wants to avert existing import duties with the procedure, but also seek compensation for duties already paid. Lighthizer’s authority had previously rejected Tesla’s application to be exempted from 25 percent import duties, which include displays for the Model 3 from China.

However, Tesla is far from the only company taking action against the tariffs imposed by US President Donald Trump’s administration on imports from China. According to Bloomberg, hundreds of such cases are pending at the International Trade Court. A statement from the US government was initially not available.

BMW CFO Nicolas Peter is to become a member of the board of the brake manufacturer Knorr-Bremse. The world market leader for truck and train brakes announced on Friday in Munich that Peter will propose election to the Annual General Meeting in May. The 58-year-old doctor of law has experience in finance, controlling, treasury and sales and has also worked in management positions for BMW abroad. Knorr-Bremse aims to generate sales of almost six billion euros this year, is largely owned by the Thiele family and will be headed by the previous Siemens manager Jan Michael Mrosik as the new CEO from January.

In the tough struggle for a Brexit trade pact, the economy in Rhineland-Palatinate is hoping for an agreement between the EU and Great Britain. "The interdependencies are far too great for us to afford the disintegration of the UK", said managing director Karsten Tacke from the state association of entrepreneurs associations Rhineland-Palatinate (LVU) in Mainz.