The planned increase in pensions is extremely unpopular in large parts of the population.

The planned increase in pensions is extremely unpopular in large parts of the population.

It is considered certain that incumbent Vladimir Putin will win the election and thus remain at the top of Russia until 2024. According to official figures, voter turnout was just under 35 percent by 12 noon CET. „I want to note that in most regions this is more than it was in 2012,“ said Vice-election leader Nikolai Bulajew. The survey institutes expect participation between 63 and 67 percent. The election in the huge country, which stretches over eleven time zones, began at 8 a.m. local time (Saturday 9 p.m. CET) and ends on Sunday at 7 p.m. CET, when the last polling stations in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad close. More than 107 million eligible voters are called to cast their votes. The first forecasts are expected shortly after the last polling stations close, with Putin predicting a vote share of around 70 percent.

After casting his vote in Moscow, the 65-year-old head of state said he was satisfied with every election result as long as it gave him the right to „exercise the presidency“. He is convinced that his election program is „the right one.“ Many voters took selfies in the polling stations – like here in Moscow. (Photo: REUTERS) Putin’s seven opposing candidates are considered to have no chance. The only challenger who could have been dangerous to the head of state, the anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny, was excluded from the election. The level of voter turnout is regarded as an important indicator of Putin’s popular support.

Accordingly, the Russian leadership had persistently called on the citizens to cast their votes. The authorities pulled out all the stops to ensure high voter turnout: the mood in the polling stations was festive, patriotic music was booming from loudspeakers, inexpensive food was offered and prizes were awarded for the best selfie in the polling station. Kremlin critic Navalny had already described the election as a farce and called for a boycott. According to his own statements, his movement sent more than 33,000 observers to the election offices. Nawalny’s supporters reported election day fraud.

Moscow and the surrounding region, St. Petersburg and Bashkiria in the Urals were particularly affected. A video released by Navalny apparently showed fake ballot papers being stuffed into the ballot box at a polling station in Russia’s far east, and Golos was concerned about information that employers or universities were pressuring their employees or students to not vote at their place of residence. but to hand it in at the place of work or study, „so that their participation in the election can be controlled.“ In front of a polling station in Rostov-on-Don, music is being played they would have trouble taking exams or be kicked out of college if they didn’t vote.reliable biology essay writing service According to the opposition, the police drove many voters to polling stations in buses. In addition, discount vouchers were distributed to voters. „These are not really elections like in Western countries,“ said Stepan Gonscharow of the independent polling institute Levada, which Moscow classifies as a „foreign agent“ and is not allowed to publish any data on the election.

Gonscharov said the Russians had no real choice. “If you want to express your displeasure, don’t go.” For the first time this year, the citizens of Crimea will take part in a Russian presidential election. The government in Kiev had announced that it wanted to prevent voting in the Russian representations in Ukraine. Moscow incorporated the Black Sea Peninsula into the Russian Federation in the summer of 2014 following a referendum there. The West sees this as an annexation and violation of international law. The French Foreign Ministry announced that it would not recognize the election in Crimea. Source:, hul / AFP „“ „Putin before re-election: The government in Kiev wants to prevent Russians living in Ukraine from voting in the consulates. (Photo: REUTERS) Russia will elect its president on Sunday.

Moscow is also calling on the Russians in the annexed Crimea to vote. The government in Kiev is opposing this: the police should prevent Russians living in the country from voting. The Ukrainian government wants to prevent Russians living in their country from voting in the Russian presidential election. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov announced that the police will deny Russian citizens access to the Russian consulates in Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa and Lviv.

To this end, appropriate „security measures“ would be taken around the diplomatic missions on Sunday. According to the minister, Ukraine is reacting to the „illegal holding“ of the Russian presidential election on the annexed Crimean peninsula. Russia had occupied the Ukrainian peninsula four years ago and annexed it to its own national territory. The citizens of Crimea will be able to take part in the Russian presidential election for the first time on Sunday, in violation of Ukraine’s laws, said Interior Minister Avakov. He accused Russia of waging a „war of aggression against Ukraine“. Ukraine still regards Crimea as part of its own national territory. Source:, hul / AFP „In the past, Trump and Putin have often found nice words for each other. (Photo: picture alliance / Steffen Kugle) His supposed closeness to Russia Head of State Vladimir Putin keeps causing problems for US President Donald Trump.

In an interview with a US broadcaster, the Kremlin rulers praised Trump’s administration and made offers for cooperation, while Russian President Vladimir Putin once again praised US President Donald Trump. He was an „experienced businessman,“ he told the US television network NBC in an interview. Even if Trump has not been in politics long – „he learns quickly“.

Putin said he did not follow Trump’s comments on Twitter. He also does not intend to use the short message service to communicate. „Donald is more modern.“ After Trump’s election victory in 2016, both politicians had expressed the hope of good relations. However, this has not been fulfilled, the relationship between Moscow and Washington is more tense than it has been since the times of the Cold War. A text version of the interview was published by the Kremlin. Putin suggested that, as in the case of nuclear disarmament, both sides should now sign treaties on the new problem of cybersecurity. He justified the redevelopment of Russian nuclear weapons with the United States‘ withdrawal from the ban on missile defense systems.

At the same time, Putin stressed that Russia was ready to negotiate on nuclear arms control, and Putin rejected allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 US election in favor of Trump. Rather, it is the US that is interfering in the internal affairs of many countries. A few days before the Russian presidential election, Putin said he had no plans to change the constitution in order to serve longer. In the election on March 18, Putin’s victory is considered certain. According to the constitution, however, he is entering his last six-year term in office.

After that, other people would lead Russia, he said. Source:, shu / dpa / AFP „Without his only real opponent – Alexej Navalny – in the race the only question was how much Putin would win. (Photo: AP) Russia President is confirmed in office with an overwhelming majority by the people. The German government is preparing for difficult cooperation with a strengthened Putin. Only one party sends unreserved congratulations from the Bundestag.

Russian President Vladimir Putin won the presidential election with 76.67 percent. This was announced by the election commission the morning after the counting of 99.8 percent of the ballot papers. Putin can now remain in office for six more years until 2024, leaving his opponents far behind.

The turnout was therefore around 67 percent. Putin used a first appearance on election night to reaffirm his course of confrontation with the West. The accusation that Russia was involved in the nerve poison attack on ex-double agent Sergei Skripal is nonsense, said the 65-year-old election winner. He found out about the case from the media. „The first thing I thought was: if that was a military weapon, people would have been dead on the spot.“ Putin reiterated that Moscow was ready to cooperate in solving the case. He accused Great Britain of not being interested in a cooperation.

In the dispute, both sides had expelled diplomats. Germany, France and the United States had backed Britain in rare unity; the case is only the latest escalation in the sharpest tensions between Russia and the West. The Federal Government’s Commissioner for Russia, Gernot Erler, assumes that Putin will draw strength from the election result. He will continue to try to establish Russia as a power of order in a multipolar world system, said the SPD politician on ZDF on Sunday evening. It is important that the EU is able to „lead an active policy with Russia“.

When asked whether Europe in its current constitution has grown to Putin, Erler said: „Europe must grow, that is very clear.“ The decisive factor is unity. After his re-election, the Union’s foreign politician Johann David Wadephul called on Putin to use his new term of office to improve relations with the West. „To this end, in particular, the continued violations of international rules must be ended,“ said the vice-chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group. AfD bosses Jörg Meuthen and Alexander Gauland wished Putin „every success and political prudence“ in the new term of office and assured them that AfD will do everything in its power to dismantle the sanctions against Russia. Russian election observers close to the opposition registered around 3,000 attempts at manipulation such as multiple votes. The evaluation of the election by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is eagerly awaited in the afternoon. The OSCE had around 600 observers on duty. Source:, mbo / dpa / AFP „“ „Alexej Navalny warns of a“ lifetime presidency of Mr. Putin „(Photo: picture alliance / Maxim Shipenk) A conference of liberal MEPs is about a new Russia strategy. Kremlin critic Navalny is video-calling the EU to support millions of Russians without a vote and not accept the upcoming presidential election. Kremlin critic Alexej Navalny has called on the EU states to hold the upcoming presidential election in Russia not to be recognized.

There are tens of millions of Russians whose voices cannot be heard because their candidates have been excluded from the election, said the Russian opposition leader in a video conference with liberal MEPs in Brussels. These people would be extremely happy if the EU and its politicians declared: “These are not elections and the results cannot be recognized.” “We are moving towards a lifetime presidency of Mr Putin,” warned Navalny, a sharp critic of Head of State Vladimir Putin. The 41-year-old originally wanted to run in the presidential election on March 18. However, because of a controversial suspended sentence, he was denied candidacy by the electoral commission.

Navalny therefore calls for a boycott of the vote and organizes nationwide demonstrations against the state leadership. The Liberal Group in the European Parliament (Alde) had invited Navalny as a guest speaker to a conference at which they presented proposals for a new EU strategy on Russia. Among other things, these provide for greater support for civil society and unilateral facilitation of the issuing of visas to Russian citizens. According to the Alde group, this could strengthen the exchange between the EU and Russia. In addition, it must be about motivating Russia to abide by international rules again, said group leader Guy Verhofstadt. In this case, the Liberals believe that a significant expansion of economic and political cooperation should be offered. One perspective could, for example, be the realization of a free trade zone from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Source:, lri / dpa „Navalny called for protests for September 9th. (Photo: imago) Once again, the Russian opposition politician Navalny calls for protests , once again he’s arrested.

The reason could be a recently published blog post by the 42-year-old: The Russian police have arrested the Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny again. Navalny was taken from his house and taken to the Danilovsky police station in Moscow, his spokeswoman Kira Jarmisch said on Twitter. „Probably“ it is about his calls to protest against the planned pension reform, Jarmisch told the radio station Moscow Echo. The officers took Navalny’s cell phone from Navalny. A few hours earlier, the 42-year-old Navalny had published a blog post in which he called for protests for 9 September. These would take place in Moscow and in nearly a hundred other cities, he wrote.

The planned increase in pensions is extremely unpopular in large parts of the population. According to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s initiative, women will not be able to retire until they are 63 instead of 55, while the age for men is to be raised from 60 to 65. Even though President Vladimir Putin, as head of state, is not formally responsible for the measure, his approval ratings have plummeted, and Navalny has been imprisoned several times for his political activities. He was last released in mid-June after being detained for 30 days. He had been sentenced to the penalty for protests against the renewed swearing-in of President Vladimir Putin.

Under the motto „Not my Tsar“, Navalny called for nationwide protests on May 5, shortly before the swearing-in ceremony. Thousands of people followed the call and took to the streets in numerous cities. The opposition politician himself had not been allowed to run for the presidential election, which Putin won in March with a majority of 77 percent of the vote. Navalny and his supporters accuse Putin of steering the country in an autocratic direction. Source:, ftü / AFP / rts „According to official information, the number of corona deaths in Brazil rose by almost 1,300 to more than 45,000. ( Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Brazil fails to contain the infection rate: In terms of both deaths and infections, the country is now in second place among the most severely affected countries in the world – just behind the USA.

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