It requires a steady hand and a lot of tact.

It requires a steady hand and a lot of tact.

Men’s salons help with fashion issues An example: According to Martin Ruppmann, Managing Director of the VKE Cosmetics Association, the men’s cosmetics segment grew by almost four percent last year. Men make themselves chic these days – and like to get professional help, says Koch. "In most cases they don’t have a friend with whom they talk about fashion issues." That is why, according to Koch, there are various men’s salons that have specialized in helping men with this. Women take care of the hands of men

That also applies to that "hammer & nail" which already wants to expand after only three months, as managing director Pechstein says. Another studio in Munich is planned, one in Berlin and maybe another in Vienna. "Today we have a society in which it is important to present oneself" says beauty expert Koch.

And women set great store by well-groomed men’s hands – they are among the first things the fair sex pays attention to. "I always say: hands well, everything is well."Discover the workshop for men’s hands in our photo show.

The skin now needs strength and energy in summer. Cosmetics laboratories have captured nature and combined it with technology. presents you the latest and most innovative products for fresh and healthy men’s skin. You will find life in bloom in our slideshow.

Spring care
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When it comes to cosmetics, the trend is increasingly towards nature. The industry is reflecting on the primal forces and goes back to the beginning of all things: It was not for nothing that our ancestors used herbs, healing earth and the like to compensate for deficits. The cosmetics laboratories are increasingly producing products that wonderfully harmonize nature and high-tech.

Care with seaweed

And this is how you get your skin in shape. First of all, get rid of the traces of winter: with a cleansing gel that has washed itself. in the "Deep Cleansing Face Wash" from The Organic Pharmacy (for 35 euros) aloe vera, green tea and seaweed remove dirt and environmental impurities and make your skin soft and supple. It is not for nothing that green tea is considered a miracle cure that removes protein deposits.

A more intensive cleansing involves a peeling. At the "Purify 4D peeling" from Sepai (around 77 euros) the smallest particles of bamboo extract work and stimulate the blood circulation in the skin.

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The clever mixture, including bamboo extract and white clay, cleanses the skin down to the pores and prevents blackheads. Dead cells are eliminated, the result: an even, fresh complexion. The best basis for subsequent care.

Detox cure for the skin

You can not only detox through diet. Your skin also needs a detox treatment after a stressful week at work or after a long night of partying. The "Detox black mask" from Apot.Care For 59 euros is a particularly gentle face mask with AHA fruit acid (stands for α-hydroxycarboxylic acids). Normally the skin renews itself every 28 days, AHA fruit acids accelerate this process. A mixture of different AHA such as malic acid, citric acid and natural fruit extracts,

changes the complexion in 15 minutes: it immediately appears finer and smoother. Even pigment spots are reduced. Cleaned and freed from toxins, the pores can breathe freely again. This brings us to the supply of the skin with nutrients. Men’s skin has its ashley madisson own hormonal identity and needs appropriate care. The "Cellmen Cream" from Cellcosmet (185 euros for 50ml) was specially developed for men. Real skin architects were at work with the moisturizer, because stabilized bio-integral cells are used here. If these young fresh cells meet cells that are exhausted and stressed from everyday life, this can have a stimulating effect on natural regeneration and thus improve the resistance of the skin. Antioxidants – substances that prevent oxidation -, vitamins E and C, work against free radicals and for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Incidentally, free radicals are particularly reactive oxygen molecules that damage cell structures, proteins and genetic information.

Which man doesn’t know that: Things have to be quick in the morning. This is why 2in1 products are particularly popular. Of the "Eucalyptus & Agave 2in1 moisturizer" from John Masters Organics (around 35 euros) is aftershave and moisturizer at the same time – perfect for those who have little time but still want the full amount of care. A total of 12 essential oils and plant extracts gently cleanse. These include witch hazel (Chinese witch hazel) and willow bark, they have an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect and regulate sebum production. This is especially ideal for oily male skin.

Eye care deluxe and caviar for the skin

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. If you don’t want to look like a cloudy pond, you can give this extremely sensitive area an extra helping of care. As early as 1978 brought Professor Paul Niehans, the founder of the luxury brand La Prairie, his "Cellular Eye Cream" on the market. In his rejuvenation clinic in Montreux, personalities such as Charlie Chaplin and Charles de Gaulle gave each other a hand. The Niehans serum contains herbal anti-aging ingredients.

For example, extracts from ginseng root and horsetail meet glycoproteins, which are macromolecules made up of a protein and carbohydrate groups, i.e. sugar. Small amounts of gold and platinum can be found in the extraordinary creams. The shimmer of the precious metal should make the complexion look fresher. In addition, silver, which is used against neurodermatitis and acne – the metal kills bacteria. Even caviar, or an extract of it, has found its way into the tubes as the ultimate firming ingredient. It has long been known that fish oil strengthens cells, and fish eggs also contain many marine minerals and amino acids that revitalize the skin. The lifting serum helps to strengthen natural contours for around 250 euros and improves the elasticity of the skin.

Rejuvenation from the tube

It’s supposed to be like lifting the upper eyelid without surgery "Acyl Glutathione Eye Lid Serum" from Perricone work (around 120 euros). Acyl-glutathione, an amino acid compound and radical scavenger, which our body actually produces itself, acts in the serum. But as with so much, production decreases with increasing age and with it the healthy process of cell division and metabolism. Applied to the skin, the serum helps make the eye area look more alert and younger. Various serums prevent skin aging on the face and weaken existing ones. The luxury emulsion "v5.0 la Formula Global" from Sepai For example, it firms and refines your complexion for 242 euros, it combines 13 substances. These include, for example, caffeine, a plankton extract and sodium hyaluronate. These stimulate the cell metabolism, detoxify and keep your skin fresh and supple. Everything that is superfluous such as fillers, silicone and paraffin, synthetic preservatives and plasticizers is avoided. The skin is particularly receptive at night, which is the best time for a full dose of care. Biotherm has the life force of the olive tree with thermal plankton in the night cream "Age Fitness Night Recharge" (around 50 euros) combined that strengthens and regenerates. Thermal plankton is a microorganism that is rich in minerals, trace elements and proteins. It should soothe the skin and protect it from aging. In the morning you jump out of bed with fresh, relaxed and wrinkled skin. The spring can come. You can see impressions of our selected products in our photo show.

Masculine, distinctive, fragrant – these are often the first thoughts on the keyword after shave. But aftershave contributes more to the masculine appearance than just a good smell. After shave soothes and regenerates the skin. For this purpose, the care product often contains alcohol, lactic or citric acid and substances for faster blood clotting. The products also contain dyes and additives such as oak bark, sage or essential oils.

How to properly care for your skin
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The right care – also important for men’s skin

Frequent shaving stresses and strains the skin. It is all the more important to have good care that is individually tailored to the skin. After shave soothes, disinfects and protects and is used after shaving.

The selection of aftershaves ranges from gels and lotions to liquid form and is tailored to the respective skin type. For example, a moisturizing product is recommended for sensitive skin, while an antibacterial aftershave is more useful for impure skin.

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After shave – your own fragrance

After application, aftershave are absorbed immediately and develop their caring effect. In addition, they are available in a wide variety of fragrances, for example in the typical fragrances of sandalwood, ginger and musk, but also in somewhat milder, lighter or sportier variants. Here the motto is: Try it out and find the smell that suits your personality. Your own skin and the ladies will thank you for it.

Beard hair removal with a razor is known as the supreme discipline of wet shaving. It requires a steady hand and a lot of tact. Dry shaving using electrical devices has been popular since its development and has long been preferred to wet shaving. Now the stylish wet shave is experiencing a comeback.

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The story of the shave

The first electric dry shaver was developed in the 1930s. Mechanical razors came on the market at the beginning of the 20th century. These were operated by a wind-up motor. The dry shave was also known as a safety shave. Prior to the development of such electrical devices, the only way to remove facial hair was with a razor.

In the 19th century, shaving was done by a hairdresser or barber, as incorrect handling could quickly lead to injuries. The so-called safety razor was only invented at the beginning of the 20th century. This device made wet shaving at home possible.

The right shave with the razor

For a correct wet shave with the razor, the first thing to do is to mix shaving foam in a bowl. Then the foam is evenly applied to the face with a brush and distributed. A brush with particularly soft hair, such as a badger hair brush, is best for this. Alternatively, canned conventional shaving foam can be used.

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To avoid injury, shave slowly and always in one direction.

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