Born in 1958: These celebrities are in the same age

Born in 1958: These celebrities are in the same age

After 1,711 episodes it was over

The quiz format originally ran from July 2001 to September 2010. At that time, a total of 1,711 episodes were broadcast on the evening before, up to six million viewers watched daily, according to ARD.

„There is actually no other program that I am still asked about so often to this day, ten years after the last episode,“ explains Jörg Pilawa in a current press release. The 55-year-old will be there again as a moderator. He is therefore particularly looking forward to „the many exciting, surprising and extraordinary candidate teams who ultimately made this show so special“.

The game idea remains the same

The basic game idea remains the same: Candidates compete in teams and must first decide on a winning level. If this level is reached, the corresponding amount is safely in the hands of the participants. The candidates are interviewed alternately. After the first quiz player has decided on an answer, the other can veto and choose a different answer or swap the question. At the beginning each team has a total of four vetoes, the question can be swapped once.

A new question is added: Each team can bring a personal wish. If the first question is answered correctly, Pilawa will fulfill this wish. Potential candidates can already apply.

What happens to the „quiz duel“?

After „The Quiz with Jörg Pilawa“ at that time, the moderator had taken on another guessing program. In May 2014, the „quiz duel“ started in the first, back then with an unsatisfactory market share. The first episode saw „only“ 1.61 million viewers.

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A year later, a celebrity special on the quiz show attracted over four million viewers to the screens. The show, which runs every Friday from 6:50 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. on the first, will continue, according to the current status.

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„Basic Instinct“ star Sharon Stone can look forward to another award. The 61-year-old actress has been voted „Woman of the Year“ by GQ magazine – for a very specific reason.

Born in 1958: These celebrities are the same age

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US star Sharon Stone is honored as „Woman of the Year“ by style magazine „GQ“ at a gala in Berlin. The magazine also justified the choice with the fact that the 61-year-old had fought for a more modern, freer, more feminine Hollywood long before the MeToo movement. She recently graced the cover of the Portuguese „Vogue“ and proved: „Beauty knows no age.“

„Outstanding personalities“ are awarded

The „GQ“ award for „Woman of the Year“ will be presented to Stone on November 7th at the Komische Oper in Berlin.123helpme.me For the 21st time, „GQ Gentlemen’s Quarterly“ will honor „outstanding personalities“ from the show and music business as well as from society, sport, politics and fashion with the „GQ Men of the Year“ awards.

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Other winners this time include entertainer Hape Kerkeling and Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

We were able to prepare for this moment for a year and a half, now it has come: The last episode of „Lindenstrasse“ flickered across the screens. That’s what fans think about the finale of the cult series.

34 years of „Lindenstrasse“ in pictures.

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„We are a very special house community. We have been through so much together,“ says mother Beimer in the very last episode of „Lindenstrasse“. Probably true – and in „Auf Wiedersehen“ there was not only a lot of drama and a great reconciliation, but again a lavish celebration in the „Akropolis“: Mother Beimer’s 80th birthday – she also deserved the last scene.


With the final episode of the cult series, a piece of television history comes to an end. Soap opera flickered across the screens for almost 35 years. In November 2018, ARD announced that it would end the series forever. Now, a year and a half later, the time had come: on Sunday evening, numerous fans said goodbye to „Lindenstrasse“ – but the inventor of the series also said „Goodbye“.

Hans W. Geißendörfer, the long-time director and producer of the series, shared a photo in which he can be seen from behind looking down „Lindenstrasse“ again in the evening. He commented on the snapshot quite simply and simply: „Goodbye!“

Many other fans also post their pain of farewell. „After 35 years the motto today is: Adieu, dear Lindenstrasse. What a sad event!“, Wrote one fan, for example. „Saying goodbye to our favorite neighbors is difficult. Another viewer commented:“ I was firm made not to cry, unfortunately did not work. „Another user asks himself about the last episode:“ What do I do now on Sundays from 6:50 pm to 7:20 pm? „

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Countless comments also deal with memories that many associate with the series. „Part of my childhood died,“ said one follower. Another fan wrote: „Thank you for this nice farewell! For many years I always watched with my grandma. With the end of the series today, a piece of childhood also goes.“

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Since 1985 „Lindenstrasse“ has been running almost every Sunday evening. After 34 years and four months it’s over. A piece of television history comes to an end. 

An era is coming to an end: This is how the last episode of “ Lindenstraße “ was After 34 years: ARD discontinues “ Lindenstraße “ Mother Beimer: Marie-Luise Marjan wants to prevent from “ Lindenstraße “ Til Schweiger and Co .: The „Lindenstrasse“ made them stars

The creators of the series said goodbye with thanks. „The team and ensemble would like to thank you for the many years of your loyalty!“ From April, a large part of the previous broadcasting space on „Lindenstrasse“ will be owned by „Sportschau“.

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She had a brief appearance at DSDS, and Toni Trips was also elected second in the jungle camp. Nevertheless, everything has changed for the musician in the past twelve months. 


Is known from … Is in the jungle camp because … You did not know that yet Has experienced the reality show from …

Toni Trips is particularly proud of her body. The singer had her breasts and lips embellished. However, she didn’t like to be naked in the jungle and there was a reason for that.  

Is known from …

If you took a closer look at „Deutschland sucht den Superstar“ at the beginning of 2019, you could discover Toni Trips there. The 22-year-old made it into the recall to Thailand, but then it was over. 

Toni Trips has to leave the jungle camp

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Is in the jungle camp because …

„Because I definitely want to win this thing and because I want to jump over my shadow and keep growing,“ Toni Trips explained in an RTL interview before moving in. 

The young woman from Cologne expected good chances for herself: „The audience will notice that I am a real person and that I let my emotions run free,“ she assures. She is afraid of certain situations, but that is also the reason why she was there: „I want to face my fears.“ 

Jungle Camp 2020: These stars are there

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Toni Trips wasn’t in the jungle to undress. „I feel good when someone looks at me,“ she said, but she doesn’t want to say goodbye to her bikini while showering. The reason: „Unfortunately, Germany is not yet ready for something like that.“ In contrast to America, for example, Germany is in their opinion too „solid“ for their nudity. 

You didn’t know that yet 

In addition to her eye-catching tattoo on her face, Toni Trips also had her breasts tattooed with spider webs. „I think it makes them look attracted even when they are naked.“ To do this, she has based herself on her role model Bonnie Rotten. She is her favorite porn actress.   

Büchner widow, gigolo, ex-boxing world champion – this is where the jungle campers introduce themselves – part 2

Büchner widow, gigolo, ex-boxing world champion

Here the jungle campers introduce themselves – part 2

From Daniela Büchner to Gigolo Marco Cerullo, DSDS singer Toni Trips, to ex-boxer Ottke, ex-Transport Minister Krause and GSZS star Raúl Richter, the world of stars in the jungle will be represented. Video

Is reality show experienced by …

Toni Trips has never been to a reality show, but she knows how an RTL program works thanks to her participation in DSDS. It was still not enough for the crown. The young musician was chosen second from the jungle camp after Marco Cerullo. Most of all she was surprised. The singer hadn’t expected such an early departure.  

Overview – these are this year’s jungle camp candidates

Jens Büchner’s widow Daniela BüchnerMichael Wendler’s still-wife Claudia NorbergEx-boxing world champion Sven OttkeActress Sonja KirchbergerDSDS-winner 2016 Prince DamienEx-CDU transport minister Günther KrauseTV-junk dealer Markus ReineckeDSDS-participant Antonia Komljena alias Toni TripsEnnesto „Love Island“ „-Star Elena Miras“ Bachelorette „candidate Marco CerulloEx-GZSZ-Star Raúl Richter

Who will inherit the reigning jungle queen Evelyn Burdecki? On 25.