Goodbye hair loss: Researchers want to have found a method to combat hair loss

Goodbye hair loss: Researchers want to have found a method to combat hair loss

First of all, if you lose only a small part of your hair, please get a suitable hairstyle. A hole in the hairstyle looks grotesque, especially with longer hair. You don’t want to look like Guildo Horn. The grandfather look with a strand of hair above the balding head is more than embarrassing! If the hair on the head becomes too thin, only one thing helps: clear-cutting.

When the day comes, do something similar to your daily shave. Proud bald people usually swear by the wet shave. Those who want to shave particularly thoroughly should shave against the grain. If your skin is generally very sensitive, it is not recommended. It does not matter whether you use the 1-, 2- or 3-blade razor. No one is more gentle than the other. You are more likely to find your favorite model by trying it out. In most cases you will have to carry out the shaving process several times anyway until all of the hair has been removed.

Special razors for special heads Due to the round shape of the head, the shaving heads of most wet razors are not really designed for it. Some razors now have dynamic shaving heads that are better adapted for this area. For this reason, the Headblade company has dedicated itself entirely to the mind. They make special head razors that are ergonomically the same as that of the head. A really good thing. Your scalp needs special care immediately after shaving. A rich cream is particularly suitable now. But be careful: If your skin is very irritated, first test the cream carefully or choose a product for particularly sensitive skin. Modern hair removal

If you have little time for the daily shave, we recommend hair removal with special creams. With this method, you can have your scalp hair removed for up to three months. Really permanent baldness can only be achieved through laser treatment. However, several sessions are needed to completely remove all hair. This time-consuming variant is only suitable for men with dark hair. Such a device is now also available for domestic use.

In general, baldness is quite easy to care for. On the one hand, you save yourself going to the hairdresser and the daily styling of sometimes unruly hair and swirls is no longer necessary. Even cleaning the scalp is wonderfully easy. In the shower, you just lather your head with soap and remove dirt and grease.What applies to the rest of your body must also not be neglected with the scalp: moisture. Just use your regular face cream and patiently massage it in. Here, too, you can choose products that are tailored to your skin type: Depending on whether your skin is oily, dry or sensitive. The scalp is also irritated particularly quickly by shaving. Products with the active ingredient dexpanthenol help here. They soothe the skin and provide relaxation.

Protection for bright minds

In winter, a little more is required due to the dry heating air. Cozy and, above all, trendy hats offer protection from wind and weather. In summer you can supplement your care with suitable sun protection products or use a cream with a sun protection factor. Now all that’s missing is a polish – no, that was a joke. You should already look at least as stylish as Bruce Willis, Seal or André Agassi: all of them are prominent and above all successful bald people who are longing for women.

The right care products for bald and attractive men’s heads can be found in our photo show. This is where you can find out if you would be bald.

Men in particular are often affected by hair loss. If you want to take action against it, you should first find out the cause of your light hair. Deficiency symptoms and psychological causes can be eliminated. If, on the other hand, thin hair is hereditary, only hair implantation will often help.

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Thin hair in men – counteract deficiency symptoms

Thin hair is often a symptom of a deficiency. For example, iron deficiency could be linked to increased hair loss. In addition to the iron deficiency, hormonal problems can make themselves felt in the hair. These are often caused by malfunction of the thyroid gland.

Have your doctor do a blood count. Based on the blood count, your doctor will find out whether there is a nutritional deficiency. A change in diet and vitamin and nutrient preparations can then help.

Stress and thinning hair 

Thin hair can also be a symptom of mental disagreements. Stress in particular can lead to hair loss. 

Jogging or other endurance sports can be meditative and relaxing. Regular yoga can also help with relaxation. Combat stress by balancing your body and soul. In the best case scenario, your entire body and hair will regain strength.

Chemistry in shampoos as a cause of thinning hair

Most hair shampoos are chemical products. Chemistry can be very aggressive and attack the hair so that it becomes thinner and thinner. Switch to natural products when washing and grooming your hair. 

According to the advertising promise, special shampoos with caffeine are supposed to counteract thin hair and hair loss. Laboratory tests have shown that caffeine stimulates hair growth, but its effectiveness on the scalp has not yet been proven. The only thing that is certain is that the appropriate means are at least not harmful. 

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Hair implantation – when nothing helps

If none of the above solutions help and the hair loss can be attributed to heredity, then the hair implantation method has proven its worth. Hair follicles are taken from your own healthy hair and implanted in a bald spot. Ask your dermatologist for a consultation.

Normal intimate hygiene for men is usually unproblematic – it is best to simply integrate cleaning into your normal shower routine. Read here what to look out for.

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Intimate care for men: Little effort

Intimate hygiene for men is not time-consuming: If you shower daily, you should thoroughly cleanse the anus, penis and testicles under running water and with the help of shower gel.

No tools are required for intimate hygiene for men – if you prefer to use a washcloth, you should use disposable washcloths or put the fabric in the washing machine after each use.

In contrast to women, men do not necessarily have to pay attention to certain pH values ​​for washing lotions. Basically, soap and warm water are sufficient to carry out intimate hygiene.

Remove smegma during intimate hygiene

With intimate hygiene, it is also important that you regularly remove the so-called smegma – this is a white or light yellow substance between the foreskin and glans. Therefore, always push back the foreskin during intimate hygiene. It is important that the smegma does not remain on the skin, otherwise there is a risk of inflammation and infection.

With age, it can happen that the foreskin cannot be pulled back so easily. On the one hand, this makes cleaning more difficult, and on the other hand, cracks and inflammations can form, according to the "pharmacy magazine". If so, you should see a urologist.

Use intimate hygiene for an examination

Many health problems can be identified at a very early stage and treated accordingly. Therefore, use intimate hygiene not only for cleaning, but also for a thorough examination of the body region.

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You should discuss any abnormalities with your doctor – examples include changes in the testicle area due to a tumor. You should also have itching, an unpleasant odor and discharge from the urethra examined.

Wild growth in male axils is anything but popular. Even actor and outdoorsman Matthew McConaughey shows how it is done: His body is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. And that’s well received – it’s not for nothing that he is one of the most sought-after men in the world. We reveal where men should be shaved.

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Armpit hair – yes or no?

In younger men up to 35 years old, shaving the armpits is already very popular. More than half of men in this age group use razors regularly. And there are plenty of role models: in magazines, on television and in advertising, you can almost only see clean-shaven bodies. Natural fur as a symbol of masculinity and potency? Nothing.

Another argument against hair: If you remove armpit hair, it is easier with hygiene, as sweat cannot collect. Because the odor-causing bacteria are more difficult to wash off in hairy armpits. If you want to learn the best way to shave armpit hair, this is the place to go to the best depilation methods.

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The masters of creation shouldn’t shave their legs: Most women don’t mind overgrown calves. On the contrary: shaved men’s legs can quickly appear androgynous. Exception: you are a professional swimmer – then shaving your legs is justified in favor of gliding in the water. 

The genital area

However, the legs are almost the only parts of the body that are spared the bald hair trend: intimate shaving for men is also becoming increasingly popular. If you believe a survey by the magazine "neon" 19 percent of the women surveyed already think it is nice when he "around downstairs" is bald. In addition, around 60 percent of 20- to 35-year-olds think that potential sexual partners expect them "around downstairs" but be careful: you have to be very, very careful here. Both razors and waxing offer a thorough depilation method – read more here.

It doesn’t take a study to determine that the majority of women reject back hair. No lady wants to hug her loved one and scratch his fur on the back. Read here the best way to remove back hair.

Chest hair is not a sign of masculinity

The times of chest hair tooupé are also long gone. Therefore, for most women, a lush growth on the upper body is not a sign of masculinity – but rather of poor personal hygiene. Tip: Treat yourself to an extensive waxing and train your chest muscles and make women’s hearts beat faster in the swimming pool. Here are the best ways to get rid of chest hair.

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